Update: Success!



Burrowing into bed with frustration, I finally gave up and just went to Dr. A’s clinic. I found out why I couldn’t get a hold of any of my familiar, well-liked receptionists- they’ve all been replaced with chain-clinic receptionists. After several dodges and hems and haws, (including being told that she couldn’t find my chart) the receptionist mysteriously happened to find it in a stack of charts sitting next to her desk- after my CMA (beautiful, glorious familiar face!) pointed out that it was… you know, right there.

She said it would take an hour to copy, and she would personally fax it over.

An hour later, I called Dr. B’s clinic, and lo and behold, my charts were in! Not an hour later, Dr. B had reviewed my paperwork, approved me for an initial review and consultation, and tomorrow at 2pm I go in for a finalization of my transfer of care.

About time!


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