Occupy Spokane


There’s an Occupy protest here in Spokane. Part of me really wants to attend, since I’m one of those folks who has very little money in spite of working for it. (I refuse to use the catchphrase. I always feel like it takes away my individuality.) I am a stay at home mama, but I was working before I got pregnant, and my husband goes to school full time and works as many hours as he can get. He worked 60 hours weeks when we were first married, in two and three jobs at a time, trying to support us in an economy where one person working full time making minimum wage could not afford rent and bills- and that was ‘bills’ without having a phone, a TV, internet access… just utilities.

I want to support them, but I’m not politically minded. Someone asked me once why I didn’t vote. I replied that the system of election relies on the dedicated voting of informed, intelligent voters- and I did not qualify. If you don’t understand it or you’re easily swayed by propaganda, it’s best if you -don’t- vote.

I was looking for a really great strip from the Ozy and Millie comic strip by Dana Claire Simpson, but I just can’t seem to find it.

I found it! (Ozy and Millie do not belong to me in any way shape or form and I fully credit artist/author Dana Claire Simpson for her wonderful works!)

So, instead of going down and protesting something that I don’t fully understand, I’m going to go down and support the people who do understand. Warm cocoa and tea, infusions of warming, nourishing herbs, and a place to sit with a warm blanket are all universal.

I’m all about the universal.


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