I need a tea break.


I have an eye infection. I think. I may just have an overstrained eye. Regardless, it’s sticky and sore and aches when I touch it, and it’s leaking tears and something slippery.

I’m tired, and I can’t wear my contacts, so I have my old old glasses on, which are the wrong prescription and have one funny earpiece, and are a little askew on my face.

I want a haircut, one that goes with my new glasses. I need the glasses first, of course. Then I want a tea break, complete with tiny tea sandwiches and a tiny tea hat to go with them, and my tea dress. I want to go where they know me and are delighted when I come in, and make my food special just for me. (They really do. I love Taste and See Ministries!)

I want to get some quiet, several hours of quiet time with my kids and my friends in a place where I can relax.


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