A lovely day


I’m feeling much better now- the infection in my eye is clearing up nicely and the sore throat that has plagued me is fading slowly into oblivion. I can eat again!

Today was a nice day of unschool.

We started with a sleep in, as usual. It’s usually 10 before we even start to stir! We all lingered and snuggled, nursed and talked quietly as we started to plan our day. We watched some cartoons, played games on the computer (from PBS kids website) and then got dressed and went for a walk to the market. We meandered down the sidewalk, looking at ice and kicking the snow berms, looking at the trees and grass in the empty lot and finding last season’s berries on the juniper bushes. We walked around the market, picking this or that- a half cup of little shrimps for a shrimp and cheese pasta salad, some special pieces of candy, some chocolate milk. We looked at kiwis and at pineapples, we examined the fish in the cases, and we walked up and down the aisles looking for new flavors to taste. On our way home, we played in more snow and ice, saw a dead goose in the empty lot, and came home to take a nap.

Now, it’s getting late, I’m getting tired, and he’s coloring a rainbow with Daddy, while the girls sleep off and on.

I need to get the camera fixed.


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