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Food Preservation: Adventures!


I recently enrolled into a class for food preservation, given by the amazing Sharon over at Chatelaine’s Keys. She’s offering this class to teach how to put by food as part of an emergency preparedness class, and I’m really excited! I’ve been desperate to learn to can, since a lot of my favorite recipes I choose to make in larger batches, and my freezer is small and full of other people’s food. I’ve been really desperate to be able to can up a lot of my ingredients (like the cream of mushroom soup linked up there, and it’s inevitable cream of chicken companion) so that instead of having to thaw freezer bags filled with goop, I can just pop a can and mix, and voila! Food! Soups, beans, chili, meats, stews, fruits, veggies, jams… I’m so excited to learn how to do this. She covers water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, freezing, salting, storing with honeys and sugars… the list is long and full of brilliance!

So excited!


Reflect: Maybe this wasn’t wise.


As I go through this time, I begin to wonder if reflect was a wise choice.

I read the blogs of joyful women, and I reflect on beauty and other good things… but it’s hard to reflect positives when you are around angry people.

Quick to temper, negative, disapproving people surround my day to day- and many of them are family, so avoiding them is not an option.

I’m not quitting- but this is shaping up to be harder than expected.

Valentines Day: It’s not about you.


Today’s holiday is one that causes a lot of griping, especially among single folks. I hear it called ‘Singles Awareness Day’ and other much less flattering names. I hear my single friends, especially those who don’t want to be single, grumbling about how it’s just a day for stores to get money and to make them feel bad for being single, and how dare society promote this day of couples when there’s all these single folks around.

Guess what? Valentines Day? It’s not about you.

St. Valentine defied the edicts of the Church to continue to perform marriage rites for young couples, even after they had been forbidden.

So this day is about love and about the freedom to choose your path in love.

Don’t bitch about being single. Appreciate the fact that you have the right to marry who you choose, when you choose, and celebrate the love you’ve had, the love you will have, and the love that others have around you. Celebrate your own love for yourself!


First Herbal Craft of 2012


(As always, links are underlined. CLICK!)

Today, seven weeks after I should have made it, I started a lemon balm tincture.
I say seven weeks because it takes six weeks to make and a week ago I could have really used it’s citrusy antiviral power for this bug.

But, its now made, from organic Melissa officinalis that was grown from seed by a friend of mine at Williamson Farms. 100 proof vodka finishes it up, and just in time for March’s cold and flu season I should have a lovely tincture.

Also made a nice big batch of Mama Thrifty’s non toxic cream of mushroom soup, and a batch of cream of chicken.

Good day. Tomorrow will be too- free homeschool books and more cooking.

See you then!