Valentines Day: It’s not about you.


Today’s holiday is one that causes a lot of griping, especially among single folks. I hear it called ‘Singles Awareness Day’ and other much less flattering names. I hear my single friends, especially those who don’t want to be single, grumbling about how it’s just a day for stores to get money and to make them feel bad for being single, and how dare society promote this day of couples when there’s all these single folks around.

Guess what? Valentines Day? It’s not about you.

St. Valentine defied the edicts of the Church to continue to perform marriage rites for young couples, even after they had been forbidden.

So this day is about love and about the freedom to choose your path in love.

Don’t bitch about being single. Appreciate the fact that you have the right to marry who you choose, when you choose, and celebrate the love you’ve had, the love you will have, and the love that others have around you. Celebrate your own love for yourself!



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