Food Preservation: Adventures!


I recently enrolled into a class for food preservation, given by the amazing Sharon over at Chatelaine’s Keys. She’s offering this class to teach how to put by food as part of an emergency preparedness class, and I’m really excited! I’ve been desperate to learn to can, since a lot of my favorite recipes I choose to make in larger batches, and my freezer is small and full of other people’s food. I’ve been really desperate to be able to can up a lot of my ingredients (like the cream of mushroom soup linked up there, and it’s inevitable cream of chicken companion) so that instead of having to thaw freezer bags filled with goop, I can just pop a can and mix, and voila! Food! Soups, beans, chili, meats, stews, fruits, veggies, jams… I’m so excited to learn how to do this. She covers water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, freezing, salting, storing with honeys and sugars… the list is long and full of brilliance!

So excited!


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