My divorce turned ugly, and then turned back again, and my family disowned me. I got married again, to a man with respect for my body and my life. Custody battles are hell, and losing custody battles is more so.

I’m not sure really what else to say for my update. There’s a lot that’s happened in four years, and it’s been a miserable four years of struggle and trauma and stress. I went through a year long therapy program that helped me learn to control my responses to my emotions, and that was a blessing. I met my (now) husband about three weeks after my last post- we married on May 1st of this year. The girls are five now, big and bold and strong, and my son is eight- eight! Can you believe it! 

My mother (and the rest of my family excepting my father and my grandmother, and my two adoptive sisters) disowned me.

I’m learning how to adapt into a new family, one that’s foreign and confusing to me.

My ex husband went through a nasty phase of listening to my ex-mom, for several years, and once he stopped (long dramatic story there) he started talking to me and it turns out that she has been playing us off each other for years, at least since my son was born and possibly longer, and encouraged the divorce without actually saying she wanted it, and she encouraged him to fight me for custody, to try to keep the kids away from me, and lied to him, telling him that we were abusing the kids, and when he finally actually spoke to me (he hasn’t for many years) it didn’t take long for him to realize she had been lying to him the entire time.

She lied to me too.

So now I have no mother, and along with that I have no aunts or uncles or family.

But when I married, I gained two brothers, and I still have my sisters. So there’s that.




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