Future Plans


I’ve started a YouCaring fundraiser page to help me raise $3000 over the next two years for doula training.

I’d like to be able to do birthwork for all parents, with a specialty in transgender parents. I’d also like to be not just a birth doula but a birth transitions doula- working not just with pregnant people who are birthing their babies, but also people who are choosing an abortion, for whatever reason. I want to be there during their transition, to support and nourish and defend them while they do what they find necessary for their pregnancy.

Too many times, birthing parents are pushed around, poorly educated or educated with bias, or straight up bullied. This happens for cis parents, but with the addition of being outside the norm, trans parents get a lot of harassment, from microaggressions (“Okay, Mommy, it’s time to push!” to a trans father.) to outright discrimination.  

There’s also other people at high risk of discrimination- young parents, lesbian or gay parents with a donor or surrogate, or people of differing cultural or religious needs. 

I want to be a doula that supports all parents, not just cisgender, heterosexual, mainstream ones. (Not that there’s anything wrong with supporting them, they need support too!) 

I’m just really passionate about this.

In totally unrelated news, day two of meal peace seems to have worked. 

Breakfast: Waffles, Eggs, Bacon. Everyone ate waffles, everyone ate a little bacon, nobody ate their eggs.

Lunch: Lunchables. Everyone ate everything except Ayla who did not eat her crackers. 

Dinner: Pizza. I cheated hard. Everyone ate cheese pizza and breadsticks, because I had a Stitch and Witch to attend so they had pizza!


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