Not completely abandoned


I had a lovely lunch with my grandmother and my kids today, and it’s nice to have at least one family member who isn’t playing both sides of the coin or politely ignoring me.

Breakfast: Waffles. Everyone at some. Some needed peanut butter. Others just ate waffles.

Lunch: Denny’s. Josh had all his pancakes and bacon and part of Ayla’s pancakes. Ayla ate three bites of turkey bacon and two or three bites of pancake. Kaeli ate one bite of her hamburger and a handful of fries and grapes. They’re going to be SO HUNGRY at dinner.

Dinner: mac and cheese, while I’m at class. Ben will take care of it from there.

I am really not liking this book for the book study class I’m in. It’s the Inner Temple of Witchcraft and it’s surprisingly monotheistic. He has this mentality that all deity is actually one Greater Divine Essence, and as a relatively hard polytheist I’m sort of indignant at the idea that he keeps insisting that my gods are actually all part of -his- divinity. He talks about how we are all just thought-forms of the divine mind and that just pisses me off.

Maybe I need to take a few deep breaths and not read him for a while.


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