They tell you being a parent is hard but it really comes home with midnight puking sessions.

Josh started throwing up last night about midnight, and today this afternoon his puking stopped and his migraine began. Poor kid. I finally got some medicine into him and he’s gone back to his dad’s now, to rest.

In brighter news, the Simkin Center got back a hold of me and said they do have scholarships available that I can apply for. ❤ I’ll do that probably tonight, to see if I can get things rolling.

Today’s meals were sporadic and filling- waffles for breakfast with peanut butter and nutella, and chicken noodle ramen for lunch. My dinner is burritos, but the kids aren’t here so I don’t have to fight over it.

I think tonight will be Feasting on Waves (the tv show, not actually dinner) and resting. Last night was exhausting.


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