Doula Training Update


So, with much delight, I had two amazing updates yesterday- an email from the Simkin Institute saying that the Seattle doula training offers scholarships- and an email from a local doula training institution that says that they offer training for about half the price of the Seattle trip, that also is stringent and powerful, with a more wholistic approach to doula. 

I’m probably going to go with the local one- I can save up and do a DONA certification later and be double certified if I want to. There’s also a DONA approved doula workshop in June coming to Spokane, so I might do that one if I can’t find enough money to certify before that. 

It knocks my price down from needing $3000 to needing a little under $1000. I still need books, so if anyone is reading this and wants to help, there’s an Amazon book wishlist  to help a girl out. 

I want this so badly. I’m almost afraid to hope for it. I get passionate about things and then something comes between me and my passion and I let it go, and I don’t want to do that this time. I want to at least try to do this- to reach out for underrepresented people in my community, to be there to help support birthing parents in my area. 

I can do this. *deep breath* I can. I will. 


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