This blog is about freedom of choice, especially in birth and motherhood.

It’s not dedicated to trying to convince you of anything except that you have the right to choose for yourself.

You will, however, find places where my personal biases come through. I’m not apologizing for that- it’s the beauty of blogging and writing!

My personal belief is in women birthing naturally, unless evidence points to a complication- in which case I think a woman has the right to know what’s coming and why. I also believe deeply in respect, regardless of whether you agree or not. I believe in kindness, even when you have to say something hard or painful, and I believe in healing through release.

I believe in breastfeeding if you can, and supporting breastfeeding mamas. I also have a personal crusade in support of papas and children- more changing tables and resting/feeding areas for men! I believe in supporting your children in the best way you can. I believe in gentle parenting (peaceful parenting, it’s sometimes called) and in encouraging people. Not just children- everyone.

I believe in love, and peace, and kindness. I also believe that even when you lose your temper, or do something stupid, it’s still quite completely possible to recover and move forward.

I also believe in posting not just the good, but the frustrating and the bad that I experience in life. After all, if I don’t talk about my bad days, someone might get the impression that I never have any. I love a laugh and I love stories of joy and pleasure and peace, but those stories don’t help the lost, upset, exasperated, frustrated, frightened, confused folks who look for help from other people who are are trying to live the same sort of life.


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