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My ‘Word’ for 2017: Sparkle


So I was seriously thinking of using the word Nourish for the year, because I’m trying to conceive and nourishing my poor, stressed out body and mind seems like a good option. But whenever I let the idea come to mind, the first word in my mind is “Sparkle”. It even comes up during my meditations, and finally I just decided ‘you know what? It’s meant to be.’ and thus, my word for 2017 has been chosen.

But, what does ‘sparkle’ look like? 

I’m not really sure, honestly. When something sparkles, it’s a little flash of light that draws your attention to it. It’s defined as “to shine brightly, with flashes of light”. It’s also defined as ‘vivacious and witty’, but I’m not sure I can manage that one.

So what does it look like, in practicality?

I suppose it looks like smiling at strangers. Maybe it looks like a clean house? It looks like a clean me. Dressing with a little flash, maybe. Compliments, and health, maybe. I don’t really know. 

It freaks me out, the idea of not knowing entirely what my word will look like, or my world, for that matter. I guess it looks like bringing little flashes of light to someone’s world and making them light up a little bit, encouraging their natural light to sparkle through for a moment, as well as my own.

I took a moment to reflect on my previous word, which was (amusingly) reflect. I read through my reasons for it and it pained me, to see how downtrodden I was during that time. How I played down my own natural light in favor of only being good enough to ‘reflect’ other’s light. I thought so little of myself. I read through about what people used to tell me about myself and I wonder, who tells a child that? 

So I tell myself new stories now. I try to recognize my limits and my weaknesses, and grow beyond them instead of accepting them as ‘the best I’ll ever be’. I can be so much more. I can shine for the world, but I’m starting small, and my first step is to spread sparkles of love and joy and delight among the people I’m around for the next year.

So lets see how we go, for Sparkle this year. Wish me luck!